Hotel Lamee, Vienna, Austria
Thursday 10 Jan 2013


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Only a few steps away from St. Stephen's Cathedral, at Rotenturmstraße 15, in Vienna this charming hotel, run with a special passion and commitment, offers its guests an elegant stay in one of the most culturally rich cities of our times.

It is a modern interpretation of the concept of the grand hotel and brings together a diverse, cosmopolitan atmosphere with a multifaceted flair - and a great deal of Viennese charm. The building was constructed in 1934-35 as a slender rising and cubically exaggerated acknowledgement of the times in the centre of Vienna. This unique cultural testimony is alsothe primary theme of the interior design: Vienna of the 1930s.

With 22 luxurious rooms and 10 spectacular suites with a view of St. Stephen's Cathedral, Hotel LAMÉE conjures up intimacy and discretion paired with comfortable ease and finesse.

Spacious rooms with honey-coloured shimmering walls, warm light and playfully differentiated high-gloss Makassar wood panelling with upscale tassels and brass profiles give the rooms a comfortable cosiness and create a glamorous atmosphere at the same time.

The furniture and details have also been chosen in deference to the worldliness of that time - but also refer to the culture of the present and the distinctive Vienna in whose cosmopolitan and sophisticated spirit the building was constructed, incorporating its use of forms, features and design.

An elegant leather commode with an integrated TV stand completes of the luxurious character of the room in a surprising yet unexcited way.

The atmospherically designed bathrooms complete a pleasurable stay in the Lamée.

The symbiosis of design and low energy consumption is unique amongst the hotels in the centre of Vienna.

Hotel LAMÉE is a low-energy building type A with heat energy consumption of less than 25 kWh/m²a and cooling energy consumption of less than 0.33 kWh/m³a. The heating and cooling of the building take place via a groundwater well and a controlled ventilation system (perfect for comfort) with highly efficient heat recovery from the exhaust air. Special emphasis is also laid on the use of colour and light (near-natural light spectrum using LED technology).

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