Liverpool Football Club, UK
Tuesday 08 Jan 2013


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20.20 partnered Liverpool FC to improve three of their hospitality lounges. The ambition was to truly engage fans and create the most compelling spaces on offer at Anfield.

Shanks & The Paisley

To achieve this, 20.20 re-designed two lounges in the Centenary Stand that host 1010 people into two sports bars, Shanks*, and The Paisley. These spaces would extend the match day experience for fans; building excitement before the game, and providing a backdrop for post-match analysis.

Storytelling was essential to the realisation of these spaces, and communicating Liverpool FC narratives throughout ensured their popularity with fans. Bespoke colour schemes, materials and graphics celebrate two of the club's most treasured managers, Bill Shankly, the passionate extrovert, and Bob Paisley, the master tactician.The bar spacein each room reflects the individual personality of each manager; Shanks has a timber fronted bar, referencing his training ground sweat box, while The Paisley has an abstract representation of the filing cabinets celebrating the way the great man stored his detailed notes and match reports.

Both rooms use spotlighting to create an intimate atmosphere within a large space, and wall-to-wall graphic stories provide a strong focus to each area. Thesegraphics are displayed innovativelyover the window glazing, and runthroughout each space tooffer the customer a real insight into the personal lives of each man, whiledirecting focus back towards the interior of the space.

The International

In the Main Stand, 20.20 were responsible for redesigning the club's most premium hospitality offer, The International. This space celebrates the club's rich heritage as well as its global reputation and outstanding achievements abroad. With membership for 56 by invitation only, this sophisticatedsuite offers an intimate experience for the dignitaries of Liverpool FC.

The journey to this special space starts in the corridor where the international fan communities are celebrated. . As you enter the room, you are met and taken to your table, at each you will find an embroidered chair celebrating the international caps of a key Liverpool legend.

This setting employs fine materials and details, with a powerful hexagonal motif that draws inspiration from the design of leather footballs stretching back decades. A major focus of The International is themagnificent ceiling of white acoustic hexagonal tiles set against a black background, with spotlights to add further intimacy to the space.Thegeometrical recurring pattern also appears on bespoke wallpaper and decorative freestanding divider panels. A decanter wall plays host to each members chosen tipple.

Polished metal hexagonal mosaics make up an international players graphic on a beautiful white polished plastered wall. These mosaics mimic the countless trophies that Liverpool have won over the years and add a sparkle to the room.

The new spaces at Anfield demonstrate Liverpool FC's ongoing commitment to fans and completely sold out ahead of the season.

* The Shanks was named according to the manager's nickname amongst fans, rather than his full surname, Shankly.