Friday 27 Apr 2012


The story of Stella Cadente and Atelier du Pont goes back a long way.

It's a story of a friendship between two women - Stella Cadente, a designer, and Anne- Cécile Comar, an architect - and, of course, of shared adventures, with their complementary professions and points of view. For a previous concept store in Dubai, a first complicity with magic, light and crystal began.

Now they have teamed up again in 2012 under the skies of Paris. Clothed in glass from top to toe, the boutique stands out from the sober lines of the Boulevard Beaumarchais due to its gilded metal frame. This new Parisian space breaks with the conventions of usual stores. Inside it is cylindrical, broken into two ellipses.

The shop window display stand is out: the clothes are laid out on a large draper's table, and the soft, practical design makes a mockery of the XXS-sized Parisian boutique. The final radical change is in colour, as the interior is entirely covered in gold leaf.

Atelier Du Pont

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