Tuesday 20 Sep 2011


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Liverpool is the largest department store retailer in Mexico.

Liverpool Polanco, a freestanding store built in the 1970's, was one of the company's first flagship stores. The store had experienced partial renovations but needed a complete update to embody the new brand positioning of Liverpool - a store that is fashion forward, international in its approach yet still reflects the family style of the Mexican heritage and culture. To accomplish this core objective a unique design solution was developed that incorporated four key elements: international represented by white architecture, fashion using black as an accent and on details, feminine architecture through use of the curved shape of the foot print of the building and masculine architecture through design and details empathizing vertical elements.

The store is one of a kind, with the shape of the building making it unique. In order to completely update the design perspective, without reducing its historical significance to the local region, this flagship needed a simple but powerful design solution that allows the customer to discover the store as they travel through it, finding something new and different with each step.

The design creates a rhythm with salon-like shop vignettes presenting merchandise in unexpected ways, catching the eye of the shopper and enticing them to explore. The apparel presentations become visual art, creating an immediate "Wow," along with intrigue about what's around the corner. The overall palette is dramatically simple and powerful, designed to elevate merchandise and brand presentations. High gloss black and white porcelain tile accent the space, creating a sense of drama while highlighting the brand's pink color.

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