Wednesday 06 Apr 2011


Gascoigne Associates have worked closely with the Glassons' team to create a brand new flagship store in Newmarket, their biggest store yet.

Following on from the success of three new concept stores designed by Gascoignes, Glassons were keen to make a strong statement on New Zealand's premium fashion street. The theme ‘rooms of the mansion' was chosen to inspire a variety of spaces based on a grand house including, among others, an atrium, portico, library, styling room and dressing room. Fittings and finishes followed a more residential theme whilst still required to withstand the heavy demands of retail use.

The front window is ‘framed' with an ornate but hardwearing picture frame. The entry Portico features wrought iron gates, decorative ceramic floor tile and a ceiling dome which all add to the sense of grandeur.

The main floor area to the ‘grand hall' and ‘atrium' spaces is a cream tile, laid in a herringbone pattern using the long module tile. This provides a neutral, yet warm and inviting backdrop to the ever-changing product mix.

The rear part of the store is the more intimate zone featuring a darker floor and ceiling that leads into an unashamedly ‘girly' pink dressing room area, utilising stylishly tall mirrors and panelled doors. To withstand the rigours of huge customer numbers, a ‘wood-plank' ceramic floor was chosen to give a vintage residential feel while being able to endure literally thousands of high-heeled shoes each week.

The counter features cabriole legs and decorative timber mouldings like an ornate sideboard. The ‘library' uses a grand bookcase to display clothes while accessories are showcased in a gallery of elegantly framed niches.

This is the first Glassons to contain a ‘comb-up' hair stylist and fashion styling room along with many features not previously seen in New Zealand retail. Overall the colour palette is predominantly a warm white to allow the clothing and visual merchandising elements to take centre stage.