Tuesday 05 Apr 2011


Proposed retail interior located at the recently completed project by Herzog & DeMeuron on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida

The store is lined with display cases along both party walls and is terminated with a clearly identifiable cash-counter. The sales area is defined by stainless steel panels, which are perforated in order to reduce the weight of the heavy steel as well as to create a pixilated light pattern.

The space is enclosed by two walls, which contain the display cases. The walls are inflected to engage the customer from the exterior to provide an integrated display at the storefront. The kink within the walls increases the display surface area while at the same time making every portion of the store visible to the sales-person.

A large table sits in the middle of the store, whose appendages interacts with the angles of the walls and provides smaller areas for display. The furniture piece serves to channel customers in a loop.

Freestanding display modules provide a variety of cluster conditions for the display of objects of various sizes.


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