Thursday 13 Jan 2011


Christopher Polly Architect completes Wintons Teak new flagship showroom

The new flagship showroom provides a high quality spatial experience for the presentation of the Wintons Teak premium range of hand crafted solid teak outdoor furniture. A restrained monochromatic palette of materials has been employed with specific colours selected from the existing brand identity for the front-of-house showroom for maximum visual focus of displayed products, while a back-of-house area meets specific programmatic requirements for services, deliveries, storage and assembly.

The showroom entails the insertion of a series of back-lit white panelled walls and white shelf units reinforcing the rhythm of the existing columned bays enfolding and floating along each long side wall of the shell for the maximum foregrounding of displayed products. This marching linearity is further emphasised by lines of suspended white track spot lights and two long lines of suspended white lighting tubes through the centre of the space for efficient illumination of displayed furniture settings, that ultimately draws the eye of the customer from the entry through to the rear, culminating in a freestanding sculpted white counter module and backdrop focus of a partition wall lined in artificial grass. Ceiling mounted black steel tube rails provide support for the artful installation of hanging displays of chairs suspended by rope systems at each shopfront location framing the entry. The back-of-house area provides a kitchen, joinery units, bulky goods storage and an area for staff dining and meeting with designers.

Christopher Polly Architect