AIX Arome Cafe
Thursday 08 May 2014


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One Plus Partnership Limited’s inspiration came from the light and water of planet Earth and the growth of humanity with its imagination and innovation. The human has since discovered coffee and created leisure time, and so they combined these two ideas to create the Aix Arome Café.

Located in the Shenzhen Bay OCT Harbour Theme Park, the Aix Arome Café allows visitors to feel their coexistence with the ocean. The huge egg shaped structure placed within the middle of the space simultaneously contains both functions of cashier and coffee supply, and is also an area defined by its own beauty. The iconic appearance of the booth is inspired by the dark and dull looking coffee bean, the surprising source of pleasure and taste for many adults. As such, the grey tone on the booth evokes the memory of this taste. Equally, the booth also looks like an enormous egg, a reminder of life, from which many living things are hatched. The two large openings on the top-front of both sides of the ‘big bean’ or egg serve as good source of ventilation and natural light, and in conjunction with the pamphlet outlets on its surface, it becomes both visually pleasing and functional.  

The off-white ceiling and columns represent the spacious sky, and dark grey flooring the ocean. There are a large number of tables and seating areas that add to this effect, for example the long table with a shape similar to octopi or bubbles grouping together. Customers become like fish dwelling in coral reefs, a living organic group. Moreover, the eye-catching blue and green colour scheme applied is also a reference of this ocean theme, as well as the signage that draws the attention of flowing people.

Following the same colour scheme, the seemingly randomly hanging chandeliers resemble the perspective of fish from the ocean to the water’s surface, reminding one of the shiny ripples that absorb sunlight from the sky. Once again, the design allows visitors to enjoy the refreshment of coffee with an abstract coral reef. The coexistence of beauty and functionalism has been emphasised in the mind’s ocean.