The Lounge, Renaissance, Shanghai
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The 258,000 sq ft Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel is a Western-operated hotel that reflects the history of Shanghai where Western influences have mixed with Eastern cultures over many years.  The intent was to create a hotel that is warm and welcoming, where service is oriented to the patron’s experience, where the design tells a subtle cultural story for guests from the East as well as business travelers from the West.

The concept for the lobby bar reflects the history of a city where western influences mix with eastern culture and created a storm by the mixing of both cultures. Contrasting with the ‘stormy’ elements is a warm and welcoming design that communicates a subtle cultural story as the traditional experience of being welcomed into a Chinese palace is figuratively recreated.

The interior design drew inspiration from the maritime tradition of trade and the stormy windblown character of relationships between China and the West. The changeable nature of wind and current also influenced the development of the space.

The lobby bar represents the heart of the storm, embracing the guest from the outside. It politely welcomes into a warm, luxurious space created through volume, patterns, textures and color. The focal point of the bar, a large decorative light fixture, is the eye of the stormy character; a wind-like pattern is mimicked in the natural stone floor pattern running through the entire Great Room complementing it. The beautiful three-dimensional chandelier, evolving around the bar, was hand crafted with thousands and thousands of different sized crystals done by artists local to the area.

The design of the floor and ceiling around the bar reinforces a wind-blown organic character and serves to direct patrons. The materials utilized in the spaces, natural wood and simply detailed stone, combine together to complement the high quality of the design.