Café BLD Restaurant
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The 258,000 sq ft Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel is a Western-operated hotel that reflects the history of Shanghai where Western influences have mixed with Eastern cultures over many years. The intention was to create a hotel that is warm and welcoming, where service is oriented to the patron’s experience, where the design tells a subtle cultural story for guests from the East as well as business travelers from the West.

The three meal restaurant, Café BLD located on the first floor of the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel, provides all day dining with interior and exterior patio experiences taking advantage of the gardens surrounding the restaurant. 

The concept for this stunning restaurant was based on the Shanghai Spat Residential Districts featuring open kitchen stations and stylish decor that responds to the neighborhoods like vision.

The design is contemporary with strong residential features. The buffet stations are intermingled with the tables around dining space and live cooking attracts guests to each station.  Each counter is backed by decorative shelving filled with residential artifacts; pin spot lighting is used to highlight these areas and provides dramatic focal points.  Domestic looking refrigerators and cupboards were design to stock fresh local grown ingredients used by the chefs preparing the meals.

The space was divided into different zones with seating combinations arranged by coloUr and textural themes unique to each District. The use of different hard and soft architectural floor coverings in combination with hand-picked tables, chairs, floor lamps and custom design metal panel dividers helped define different dinning zones.  The use of warm coloured, textural fabrics helped balance the stainless steel featuring the open kitchen areas areas.

The custom, District inspired, light fixtures with ward glow helped add excitement to the space. Dried unique food products are imbedded into large glass panels with in the buffet space followings a more residential look.

Dark wood in combination with light stone anchors the colour palate broken by vibrant tone colours form the fabric used throughout the space.  The soft natural beiges of the hard surfaces balanced the colour palate.