Friday 06 Jan 2012


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Located at the World Financial Centre (WFC) in Beijing's central business district, Cuisine Cuisine Beijing features 17 private dining rooms, a semi-private dining area and an open dining hall, with a total seating capacity of 240 people. With its position in the heart of Beijing, the restaurant's initial design derived from the idea of 'being in the core of the centre'.

HASSELL drew on the city's imperial past in designing the restaurant, infusing the traditional courtyard setting with contemporary elements. The key challenge is to present the essence of Beijing heritage through an amalgamation of tradition and modernism.

The building architecture is a minimalistic interpretation of a geometrical cube in a massive urban central scale. Three colours were used to reference the different facets of Beijing life. Gold symbolises the culture and history of the Forbidden City, red denotes the lifestyle of the officials and the wealthy, while grey embodies the street life in Beijing's hutongs, or alleyways.

A careful selection of materials and textures were used to distinguish each colour choice. A large piece of hand-sewn artwork in gold was hung across the ceiling of the private suite. Red was chosen for the leather patent feature wall in the private dining room. In the main dining hall, grey was liberally used to signify the street life in Beijing and its courtyards, or siheyuan.

The idea of the semi-private dining area comes from a traditional type of residence that was commonly found throughout China, most famously in Beijing. Golden leaves, red-coloured flowers and grey bird motifs on the walls puts diners at ease in a backyard setting.

The elements of traditional courtyard have been re-interpreted through the use of various textures and scales. Crystal pendent light features and polished metal screen were used to represent tree branches and flower petals on the corridor wall.

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