Glenfiddich Bar/Restaurant
Wednesday 17 Nov 2010


The bar- restaurant glenfiddich; designed as an allegory to senses and pleasure.

As if frozen in time, the space was created to transport users to a moment of sensation, freedom and pleasure.  There is a running metaphor throughout the design, an enormous sculptured mass of moving liquid passes through giving it life and personality.

This bar/restaurant, with its open and fluid aesthetics incites the visitor to reinvent shapes and postures from the past. This public "madrileño" space allows the users to freely enjoy its organic shapes as in the process of maturing whisky, with its wooden finishes, adding richness in textures, smells and colors, creating an atmosphere that is alive and latent.

Structurally, the space is created by the tension between the diametrically opposite entrances which create an axel or passage way in which one either circulates or remains. This canal, formed by pieces of wood seems to provoke the laws of gravity and logic, constantly changing the spatial perception as the visitor moves throughout. The space therefore becomes totally fluid and dynamic within a static container.

Ruiz Velazquez Projects

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