Monday 09 Jan 2012


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Details, materials and perceptions guided our designs for the conversion of Town Hall Hotel, an abandoned Grade 2 listed structure, into a 5* Hotel & Serviced Apartments, Conference facilities and a fine dining Restaurant & Bar, that was inaugurated in May 2010.

Through the early consideration of scales, the sensitive and holistic design approach preserves the building's features whilst integrating contemporary inserts resulting into a distinctively new entity merging traditional with advanced designs, modelling and manufacturing techniques.

98 individually designed luxury hotel/serviced apartment units are seamlessly distributed within the existing fabric and the new 1500sqm extension with its striking facade. Its adaptive pattern regulates solar gains, views and privacy, and forms an ephemeral veil with ever-changing moirés of reflections that enrich the internal spatial experience. Stemming from existing decorative feature, the logic of the ornament initiated a new specific vocabulary - our digital craft.

From the white and gold swimming pool to the reflective De Montford suite, an array of patterns with a variety of qualities provided coordinated new interpretative marquetry, ventilation outlets, service enclosures, fabrics, etc.

In other rooms, the geometry is balanced by an equally palpable work on materials with bespoke CNC milled panels, sliding partitions and curtains allowing functional flexibility. Pushing the decomposition of space further, some highly ornate rooms distribute functions through furniture only, as self-contained islands, being the sole spatial definer.

The use of high-end materials, such as Corian, brass, various stones and glazing enables a tactile dialogue with materials composing the existing fabric. The intervention of highly specialised trades, for highly ornate Edwardian ceilings or in situ scagiola, participates in the major conservation achievement. While providing them with a present-day function, the preservation maintains all featured areas in their original state, reinstating their original grandness. Grand entry halls and lobbies as well the Council Chambers and meeting rooms form the trademark of the Hotel as a luxurious accommodation facility inclusive of highly contemporary and restored spaces elegantly juxtaposed - creating a unique experience for visitors.

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