Tuesday 11 Jan 2011


Conversion and renovation of a Wilhelminian apartment

Headed up by Axel Schaefer, who studied architecture in Berlin, Berlinrodeo was established in 2006 and has undertaken many Berlin based projects including the headquarters of South & Browse's TV production company, hip restaurant Bond and the traditional pastry shop Conditorei Jebens.

Asked why he named his company Berlinrodeo, Axel explains, "Berlin has a distinctive charm and individual chararcter, a city that epitomises home, consistency and creativity. Rodeo suggests the stylised antagonism between a bucking horse and a cowboy. The combination of both terms defines the local, creative, emotional and spiritual home of Berlinrodeo".

Taking seven months in total, the apartment, designed for a young art collector's family, is located in Tiergarten near the river Spree has been designed by Berlinrodeo, including the execution, material planning, lighting design, construction and furnishing.

Faced with challenge of transforming an older apartment into a contemporary space the design of Wilhelminian Apartment had to take into account the client's need for plenty of space to accommodate their art collection.

The results showcase a perfect balance of respecting the wilhelminian-era structure whilst simultaneously including unexpected modern luxury features such as an oversized bathtub.


BERLINRODEO interior concepts