New Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel, China
Friday 28 Dec 2012


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Serene and modern, inspired by the Ming Dynasty. The New Dynasty Restaurant is located within the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel in Shanghai, China. The concept is inspired by the Ming Dynasty, one of the most prosperous Dynasties in China’s rich history.

The design is a modern interpretation if the Chinese history and culture. This modern Chinese restaurant features Cantonese cuisine with Szechuan & Shanghainese offerings. The dining room is organized with an underlying symmetry that breaks thru the space, serving as way finding and leads to a dramatic, lighted tea bar as the focal point of the room. Even symmetrical lines throughout the restaurant contrast with random, diagonal lines on the tea bar and wall dividers. This creates the suggestion of a stylized pattern of breakdown and regeneration contrasted with the orderliness of Chinese dynastic society. The glowing white lamps have a spare shape that reflects traditional Chinese lanterns, updated with modern style.

There is an upscale VIP room with modern amenities, and an updated take on a historical Chinese interior. Throughout the restaurant, there are multiple glasses, flasks, teacups and teapots displayed on the wall – a nod to the famous Ming dishes and glassware, updated for a modern interior.