Edition Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
Tuesday 18 Dec 2012


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The Edition Hotel in Istanbul, opened May 2011, represents the next generation of boutique hotels.

Understated and gracious, it balances the expression of international sophistication with the distinctive cultural context of a historic city that stands at the gateway between Europe and Asia.

Traditional Turkish materials and techniques are reinterpreted with a modern sensibility, for an exotic, customized lifestyle experience unique to Istanbul. Located in the city’s Levent business district, the 78-key hotel draws on the energy of the urban environment to animate its ground-floor public spaces: the two-story atrium with its dynamic ceiling feature that recalls geometric, abstracted vaulted ceilings, while restaurant and lounge areas are distinguished by screened partitions.

A series of scenic experiences unfold in a layered progression from public to private with the sensory qualities of space, sound, light, and air carefully modulated to create an environment of dynamic sophistication and luxurious warmth.

The ground-floor restaurant and bar, the lower level nightclub and lounge, and the rooftop restaurant and banquet room are designed to allow a fluidity of functions that effortlessly progresses from day to evening. A drawing room and conference center on the mezzanine level allows for more contemplative pursuits.

The spa recalls a traditional hammam, emphasizing relaxed luxury with attentive service—an ethos that extends to the entire hospitality experience of Edition Istanbul. The Edition guestrooms are organized into three overlapping zones: bathing and dressing, sleeping, and indoor “veranda” for leisurely work or lounging.

The generous washrooms, each conceived as a “wet room” with a soaking tub and separate steam room and shower, highlight the pleasures of bathing. A translucent glass wall enclosure surrounding the bathing area creates a glowing, alluring presence within the guest room experience. The sleeping areas are defined by a rich material palette that employ exotic woods, marbles, artisanal metals, decorative accents, and subtle lighting for an immersive, sensory environment. Veiled partitions filter daylight and define the veranda areas.

Throughout the guest rooms, modern and the traditional elements mix in complementary, contrasting ways; artisanal materials are blended with textural finishes to recall historical motifs. The lighting concept creates a sense of layered light veils resulting in an environment of subdued charm and tactile glamour. The material and lighting palette of the rooms embellish an authentic sense of place with a soulful embrace of refined modernity for an elevated guest experience.

Gabellini Sheppard Associates


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