Wednesday 18 May 2011


Samuel Creations finalizes concept design for Rosewood Resort in Bahrain, the first Rosewood Resort to open its doors on Reef Island.

The aim was to create a “Global Ethnic” design, a serene retreat away from the surrounding concrete jungle. Not simply eclectic but ethnic, where every object is handpicked and uniquely positioned. Taking their cue from the existing architecture which is contemporary Far East Asian, Samuel Creations built the outer shell of the design with clean forms and sleek lines.

In their words, the design approach employed can be likened to the making of a water color painting. The base coat was to be the subtle Asian resort style. To this rather minimalist milieu, were added materials that were natural and organic which resonated with an understated elegance.

The key values of contemporary style and comfort were then infused through well designed furniture, spa inspired bathrooms and hidden state of the art technologies. The finishing layer is a sense of authentic craftsmanship brought about through carefully selected art pieces and multi-ethnic decorative elements. The idea was to bring about an interior design echoing with a sense of place where like in a good painting, strokes would be not just seen but felt.

Samuel Creations