Monday 09 May 2011


A light sculpture with more than 7000 LED lights welcomes you to the largest hotel in Scandinavia.

The Bella Sky Hotel will open in Copenhagen on May 16. When guests arrive they will be greeted in the foyer by The Bella Chandelier - a living scenography of light and color created by GXN, the R&D department of Danish architects 3XN. 

With the aim of bringing art and science together in one unique light and color experience, the multidisciplinary team of GXN has explored the realm between structure, technology and design. After a development of various phases the journey has come to an end and the light sculpture is now installed at the hotel designed by 3XN.

The advanced geometry of the light sculpture is inspired by the stringent yet dynamic design of the Bella Sky that called for a unique collaboration of partners. In several areas the Bella Chandelier is an example of pioneer work in creating light installations: Hence, the custom milled aluminum cores used as compression rods which are merely 36 mm in diameter, making them the slimmest of their kind.

Furthermore, the light and spacious expression of the Bella Chandelier is a result of its tensegrity structure where a perfect equilibrium of forces is reached through a precise balance of the elements. Never before has a tensegrity structure of this size been made with as high level of integrated and optimized design.

This extremely slim construction together with the integrated dynamic lighting makes the Bella Chandelier stand out worldwide as an extraordinary example of engineered art. At the same time the light sculpture perfectly reflects the architecture and design of the Bella Sky.

With its 814 designer rooms The Bella Sky will be the largest hotel in Scandinavia.

3XN architects

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