Tuesday 31 May 2011


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Lumiere, being one of the tallest buildings within the vicinity, is lighted to enhance the architectural features, and to add artistic character to Singapore's city skyline

Roof: The architecture of the roof is composed of two sculptural sweeping fins which are strong distinguishable elements from afar. Hence, illuminating it with a soft glow adds elegance and a soft silhouette to the urban night sky.

Body: The tower of residential units are subtlely lit to enhance the corner facade as an urban feature. The string of LEDs along each horizontal fin accentuates the continuity of lights from roof to podium, giving totality to the overall form. The LED spots create an effect of glittering stars which adds interest to the brightly lit night sky.

Podium: Being the most visible at street level, it is given a slightly different character from the roof. It aims to exude a more fun, lively and light hearted feel. The curve corner plane is once again expressed as an iconic development feature of strip lights, simulating the effect of falling water.

In conclusion, lighting and architecture aims to create a new sophisticated urban landmark by enhancing the urban city at street level and sky level; and at all scales.

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