The Chapel
Thursday 10 Jul 2014


Designed by Vietnamese firm a21 Studio, The Chapel is a community space in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City which evolved as a solution to the lack of community centres in the area. It was intended as a space in which people, especially youth, could congregate for events such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions or social occasions.

The project, located on a 10 x 20 m rented plot of land, The Chapel's materials were drawn from the owner's previous projects. These include steel frames, metal sheets and salvaged wood. By using steel for the main structure, it makes the foundation lighter, but it also served to shorten the time construction took to complete, thus lowering the project costs and bringing The Chapel to its community sooner.

The portal frame is constructed from steel columns, with steel braces connected to white painted metal sheets, giving the building the appearance of a chapel from a distance. Bringing stability and strength to the entire building's structure, columns and beams were used, yet for the interior only a single column  features in the sparse room; taking the form of a tree, it is simultaneously slim and strong, providing support for the ceiling whilst allowing more floor space for activities. 

The multi-layer coloured curtains bring a vivid splash of colour to the otherwise pale interior, softening the coldness of the metal frames. The rustic wooden floor connects the project to nature, In addition to nature.