Check point Charlie
Wednesday 22 Jan 2014


A new bar project from the team at Lebanon based Creative LAB (or C-Lab) Architects, Check point Charlie is a pub conceptualized around two contradictory ideologies of the 20th century. This is the crossing point that had separated West and East Berlin, reconfigured in the heart of Beirut.

The interior design and architecture of the space vividly illustrate the simmering ideological conflict between East and West.

On the West side, the architects wanted to embody economic prosperity, doing so with a very futuristic wall design and luxurious back bar display. In stark contrast is the East Side. This clearly reflects the idealisms of socialism. There is minimalistic architecture and censored painting on the wall, a reproduction of Karl Marx Alley ambiance.

The two sides East and West are of course separated by the Check point Charlie crossing point, which has physically been turned into the DJ booth. In this way, the two parts of this city and of this pub are united with art and music, and all visitors are sitting under one roof “the map of Berlin”.

Creative Lab (c-lab)

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