Fogo Island Inn
Thursday 22 Aug 2013


The Fogo Island Inn is located on the Back Western Shore, Newfoundland, Canada; a public building and hotel for Fogo Island with 29 rooms for guests. The project has been a collaborative effort lasting over 7 years, with construction completed in June 2013, which began with the relationship between the Fogo Island-based charitable organization Shorefast Foundation and architect Todd Saunders. The Canadian foundation was established with the aim of fostering the cultural and economic resilience for this traditional fishing community.

Norway based architects Saunders Architecture, and local architects Sheppard Case Architects worked on Fogo Island Inn with the design team; Todd Saunders, Ryan Jørgensen, Joseph Kellner, Attila Béres and Nick Herder. The building is split between two volumes: a two storey volume containing the public spaces; and a four storey volume containing all the guest rooms parallel to the North Atlantic coast.

The room sizes vary from 350 sq ft to 1,100 sq ft with guest rooms located on all four floors, all with the bed placed in the middle of the room to maximise the coastal views. The second floor includes a gym, meeting rooms, and cinema. The fourth floor roof deck has saunas and outdoor hot tubs with views of the Little Fogo Islands in the distance.

The interior consultants on the project were Rintala Eggertsson Architects (designing the sauna area), Studioilse, 2H Interior Design, Tongtong and Designholmen. The interiors of the inn continue the incorporation of the traditional with the contemporary. The materials, history, craft techniques and aesthetic of Newfoundland inspired the long term and on-going collaborative project between contemporary designers from North America and Europe and the local craftspeople, makers and builders of Fogo Island and Change Islands. The furniture, textiles and interior surfaces throughout the inn are constant reminders of the stunning Back Western Shore location of Fogo Island.

The building hits the land directly without impacting the adjacent rocks, lichens and berries. The exterior cladding is locally sourced and milled Black Spruce. 


Structural Engineering / DBA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Graphic Design and Wayfinding / Bruce Mau Design, Designholmen, Kristina Ljubanovic

Lighting Consultant / Dark Tools

Landscape Design / Shorefast Foundation with consultation from Cornelia Oberlander, James Floyd Associates, Todd Boland and Tim Walsh, M.U.N.Botanical Garden

Furniture, Textiles and Wallpaper / Ineke Hans,Studiomama, Glass Hill, Donna Wilson, Simon Jones, SCP, Élaine Fortin, Tjep, Kym Greeley, Erika Stephens-Moore, Martine Myrup, Nick Herder, Yvonne Mullock, Chris Kabel, Winds and Waves Craft Guild, Mike Paterson, Shorefast Foundation Workshop, Eric Ratkowski

Saunders Architecture