Thursday 09 May 2013


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MELTINO BAR & LOUNGE is a place intended to update the concept of a coffee embedded in a shopping centre. Cláudia Costa, LOFF atelier mentor, conceived this project from the geometrization of coffee grains, always with the concern to exclude the idea presented in the space to the final consumer, that they are drinking coffee in a commercial gallery. The final result is a clean simple space that is invaded by coffee Grains.

In the first meeting with the client, it was asked to draw a charismatic and unique project for a bar with the identity of the brand Meltino. The idea was to create a project that endured in the visual memories of the public. The first intention was to build a Bar inside a mall without a sense of enclosure in a confined space. The thought of how to be inside and have the feeling of being outside was always present. The box inside the box, the light, the transparency, the defragmentation of the space, the well-being associated with the simple act of drinking coffee.

The underlying concept was the geometrization of the coffee grain that draws the two volumes / spaces in the plan. The grain conquers the Coffee, perforates and draws the volumes, the walls, the ceiling. Its shadow is cast in the floor, dancing in the space. The project is divided in three areas: two volumes and an interior esplanade, which is elevated from the mall floor. The two volumes are identical and translucent. However, they have distinct uses and furniture. The 1st Volume (lounge space) comprehends a relax area where it is served gourmet coffee. In the 2nd volume (bar space) the public can take express coffee. The coffee grain conquers the mall gallery and spies the public space inviting the public to enjoy the coffee.

The grain was drawn on many scales. Then, a matrix was built in the form of 3 panels (3m high by 1m of anchor) which, inverted, created a total of 6 distinct panels. All the walls where developed based in the study of the 6 panel matrix.