Lord & Taylor Ridge Hill, Yonkers, USA
Friday 04 Jan 2013


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This first new Lord & Taylor store since 2001 is located in Westchester's Ridge Hill, a multi-use development in Yonkers, New York. The department store sales floor and back area is 80,000 square foot in size, with a public indoor/outdoor space on the 2nd level.

The facades use an innovative "free-form" glass technology to fluidly shape and pattern the facade to form a strong visual contrast to the surrounding elements of the Ridge Hill development. Found developer conditions were preserved behind the glass like artefacts on display.

The two exterior facades are connected by a system of suspended custom-designed triangular lighting elements that move along the central spine of the store and up through the escalator opening. These elements create a second ceiling of non-planar surfaces which is visually read as a whole structure: an organic system subtly echoing the movement and rhythm of the freeform façade that conveys strategic visual information to gently guide the public through the space.

The ceiling is activated by a dropped curved soffit around the periphery, while the remaining lighting grid is uni-directional and linear - becoming another intuitive orientation tool for the public.

In contrast with the large-scale curvilinear surfaces created by the groups of geometric elements, the sculptural columns are soft and elegant, formed by intentionally "offset" circles. Curved paths as well as ovoid shaped nodes organize the space in plan, providing moments of pause where the sculpted columns energize and re-orient movement as well as provide adaptable spaces for changing displays.

The store re-creates a contemporary barrier-free visual transparency and spatial lightness that was evident in the historical designs from the 40's and 50's. A simple restrained palette of finishes keeps the space unified as an effective backdrop for diverse products and displays. Matte-on-gloss white floor finishes simultaneously allow a freer "open-field" condition.

Giorgio Borruso Design


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