Jardin de Jade, Hangzhou, Hong Kong
Wednesday 19 Dec 2012


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Located in the heart of a new zone in Hangzhou, Jardin de Jade Restaurant will be designed in the concept of "Sweet Osmanthus" (Guihao) - a small simple pattern flower with a delightful fragrant that symbolize a breezy, young and vivacious personality in use to attract the interest of younger group of people.

The layout plan of the space is designed irregularly with a cashew-shape to create a sense of curiosity. Dramatic lighting directed on these forms evolves a most dynamic final effect. The flooring is of splendid streaked black marble, creating a more luxurious and delicate ambience to the restaurant and presenting a fun interplay of glistens and reflections throughout the locale.

The VIP rooms at the main area are designed as mountain caves described in fairy tales. The undulating walls are embellished with metal silhouettes symbolizing the small "Sweet Osmanthus" flower, bringing an interesting and unforgettable dining experience.

The placement of certain tables is accentuated by luminaries created from giant screens decorated with metallic curtains. The chains silhouettes of fish with the touch of earth tone scheme refer the oriental opulent in river village. The red rugs that cover the floors are laid parallel, echoing with the surrounding lightings.

Rooms with a more private atmosphere enjoy the presence of exquisite and conspicuous chandeliers with silhouettes of the "Sweet Osmanthus" flower. The design of these chandeliers recalls the glow of northern lights, providing a dreamy and magical fantasy.

There is a bar located in an individual area with the curved forms that open and close very naturally, allowing the glass wine racks and their contents to be partially viewed. Some walls and other elements are covered by ceramic surfaces with a metallic shine, generating seductive lighting effect. False ceilings of wood slats echoed with recessed spotlights are decorated to enhance the general ambiance warmer and more connected. 

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