David Yurman Townhouse, New York, USA
Tuesday 18 Dec 2012


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Set within a landmarked, six-level townhouse on Madison Avenue, the David Yurman flagship boutique in New York is conceived as the “home of David Yurman.”

Reinterpreting the iconic American Modern architecture of the mid-1900s, the 6,000-sf Townhouse spatializes the artisanal tradition of David Yurman by creating an environment of graphically focused comfort and luxury. Like a dramatic theater stage, the window displays are designed for flexibility, allowing them to transform from one collection to another since the store’s completion in May of 2010.

The front elevation and main entry are defined by a two-story proscenium frame of limestone and patinated Cor-Ten steel with glass panes of varied height which animate the façade. Scenic layers of etched Starfire glass and suspended screens partially veil the interior, giving the boutique an alluring presence.

The interior architecture is defined by vertical movement and suspended volumes--a dramatic interplay between expansive height and compressive, intimate spaces. Customers enter a two-story atrium at the storefront, while two three-story atria at the center and rear accentuate the verticality of the townhouse. Gradated finishes become lighter as they ascend these multi-story spaces, while the circulation cores are articulated as single volumes by their tactile, artistic finishes.

The sculptural walnut and stainless-steel stair leads upward to the second-floor men’s collection and the third-floor bridal and couture collections. Inspired by the cut gems and cable detailing of the Yurman collections, the faceted stair is defined by suspended vertical rods and illuminated from a skylight above. Geometric wall cases and optical display vitrines line the perimeter of the space, along with cantilevered, live-edge wood countertops that provide an organic counterbalance to the graphic rectangular space and display fixtures. Gradated finishes become lighter as they ascend the multi-story space, while circulation cores are articulated as single volumes by their tactile, artistic finishes.

Rich, artisanal metal finishes throughout– in both blackened and hammered stainless steel – reflect David Yurman’s sculptural background, celebrating his artistic legacy. The lighting concept heightens the emotional quality of the space with the atria conceived as illuminated volumes through which daylight cascades down into the store while concealed light slots provide ambient illumination and create gradated highlights. A soft glow emanates from the vitrines and wall cases.

The ephemeral lighting enhances the anticipatory quality of the jewelry, spotlighting the timeless, American classic that is David Yurman.

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