Bao Li Tian Yue, Guangzhou
Thursday 15 Nov 2012


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Tin Yuet sales office and showflats are located in Pazhou Bay, adjacent to the new Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Guangzhou, China.

The design of the Sales office was inspired by the Art Deco style. The majestic space is anchored by an elegant water feature in the centre that efficiently divides the sales display zone and the lounge space. Grecian columns have been neatly arranged to form a stately art gallery across the palatial space. At both ends, a spiral staircase and a marble piano pavilion enclose the interior.

The central water feature is echoed by a dome skylight with gigantic crystal chandelier. Visitors can fully enjoy the soft filter of natural sunlight and the spectacular landscape that unveils before them.

The design of the showflat aims to reflect a timeless sense of classic luxury. The interior designer has used simple and delicate accents throughout the space, such as polished wood veneer inlaid with chrome trims and shell mosaic.

The living room has a unique fireplace as backdrop and the sensuous texture of fabrics and classic furniture paint a scene of ultimate refinement and savoir-vivre.