Wednesday 06 Apr 2011


The new building, designed by Werkbureau_Architekten, is situated on the first elevation of the Alps just south of Munich.

The building has been designed to protect the Bavarian countryside with an artificial hill and traditional saddle roof house which includes management offices, a seminar room, restaurant, café, exhibition space and a nursery.

At the centre of the building is a roasting factory that doubles as a visitor attraction and has been designed as an extension of the surrounding meadow, with tilted green roofs. The main entrance leads from the car park through a sloped steel-and-glass façade into the foyer that is dominated by a long vintage coffee bar and wooden tables. Dark floor tiles and raw concrete walls enhance the feeling of entering the interior of the artificial hill. Venturing further into the building the main-theme takes over: Coffee.

The visitor is invited on a tour through the exhibition area and learns about the coffee bean and the company's efforts to ensure its quality, by means of film, touchable objects and a unique multimedia-table. The highlight of the exhibition is the final walk over a bridge spanning the roasting factory, where the roasting and packaging process can be viewed from above. The bridge ends in an open shop, where you can by the company's products.

Grand stairs lead up from the foyer to a spacious restaurant with a view of the nearby alps. Enclosed by glass and with access to large terraces, the room is structured into different functional areas, such as a lounge with an open fireplace and an area for tour groups.

The furnishings are a mixture of styles and ages, playing out the contrast between tradition and modernism.