Siamoises Mentana-Boyer
Wednesday 09 Jul 2014


Tucked away in the heart of Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal are the Siamese residences, occupying a plot of land formerly used for commercial purposes. The project faced the same constraints as most other buildings within the classic urban genre: the challenge of natural light, joint use and the neighbouring buildings' envelopes.

The architectural scheme aimed to optimise the layout, taking advantage of the shape of the plot. To maximise depth, it was decided by Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement that the structure would cover the entire area. Two inner courtyards were forged, inviting natural light while offering high-quality private spaces.

The design team - Isabelle Beauchamp and Jonathan Trottier - organised the interior over three levels. The top floor is occupied by the living areas, providing residents with un-partitioned spaces that are glazed around the building's central well.

The interior aesthetics create the illusion of a much larger space than exists: dark wood ceilings are countered by their generous height, whilst white ceilings are further assisted in lightening the rooms and passageways by maximum glass exposure to the exterior, drawing in daylight and creating a sense of semi-outdoor living.  Lines are clean and detail is kept to a minimum, giving the project an unquestionably contemporary feel. 

Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement