Romance Marine
Thursday 08 May 2014


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The client is a veteran developer with an eye for detail, who approached Idea International with a specific brief for the restaurant which was meant to cater solely to his gated resort – Romance Marine. For the 120 sq m. restaurant he wanted a rustic setting, something remnant of a little family owned spot he once saw on the Riviera, and at the same time he required contemporary details which would help the venue fit in its urban context.

The designers loved the idea of contemporary rustic, but it was also a direction completely new for them. They didn’t want to do eclectic – thinking it would be a cliché and the obvious answer to the client brief. So, the biggest challenge was to get the little modern details to fit the overall picture, which was achieved in Romance Marine.

The solution to this task for Idea was a dishware feature constructed on the wall opposite the entrance of the venue. Everything after that fell into place; the bookshelf wallpaper and pixilated renaissance portraits on the sofa pillows were a natural extension of the contemporary vibe the designers developed with their wall splash. Historic lighting and terracotta-like floors compliment the rustic feel, while the contrasting fabric on the medallion chairs give a strong first impression.

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