BBQ Grill & Restaurant
Thursday 08 May 2014


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In this extremely difficult period for international and local economies, a group of young friends, with different competences but all with a food and beverage background, decide to merge their own experiences in a space devoted to host young people. It opens as a cafeteria in the morning, and as a grill and restaurant in the evening, a space in which the different foods mark the different hours of the day.

The identity of the restaurant is initially expressed by its hand painted logo, graffiti-like on the wall, pinpointing the premises as young and informal. The environment created, the colour palette used and the architectonic details and inserts refer to a romantic past, suggesting a sweet poetical view. This calls for the lake style landscape in which the customer, absorbed by cane thickets and smooth stones, will feel the pleasure of a light hearted déjeuner sur l'herbe.

The architect, encouraged by the clients’ enthusiasm, decided to dress the premises so as to represent them with a contagious bloom of youth. The restaurant is a made-to-measure suit, where shapes underline and call attention to their freshness. Simple and cost effective materials pervade the space with an atmosphere that gives customers an easy, pleasant and home-like feeling.