Stockholm Store
Monday 10 Mar 2014


Buster + Punch are a London-born interiors brand for those who want to stand out from the crowd and live with conviction. Popular in Sweden - and most notably in Stockholm - they produce distinctive, daring designs in lighting and furniture, plus limited edition pieces.

Sharing many of their passions with the people of Stockholm (from motorcycles to fashion and music to tattoos) the designers chose the Swedish capital as their first base outside of London, launching the Stockholm store on the 6th March 2014.  

This store was designed and built by their ‘Design Lab' in London. All furniture and antiques were lovingly hand-crafted in their London workshop and the stark, dark look of them visually ‘pops' in contrast to the clean white lines of Scandinavian design.

The Store displays their lighting and furniture, including the collections Hooked, Hero and Rockstar. Buster + Punch also plan to feature store exclusives in Stockholm, which will include limited edition jewellery pieces, one-off light fittings, motorcycles and custom-made clothing.

The mission of the store design was to blur the lines between interiors and fashion, demonstrating how private residences could become the catwalks of the future.  The designers intended for the store "stick out like a sore thumb" against their competitors, championing young, British design abroad.

Buster + Punch