Vine Hair Salon
Wednesday 29 Jan 2014


A space which gradually takes shape, thanks to Sohei Arao and SIDES CORE. This is an independent hair salon, located in a shopping district on the outskirts of the city. The site was spacious, offering more room than what is necessary to accommodate the number of clients that the owner wanted to serve.

The store name "vine" is based on the owner's desire to make connections the top priority. Vines have the unique ability to grow individually and then connect, shaping a whole. To represent that, SIDES CORE decided to build the roof out of vines connecting to make a whole. The owner's desire was for clients to be able not just to receive a haircut, but to be able to enjoy spending time there, perhaps reading a book. Beneath the vine roof, there is both the feeling of openness associated with being outdoors, as well as the feeling of comfort associated with being inside. The Studio believed that this was the sort of space which would fulfill the owner's wishes.

By running the pipes along the ceiling in an arch shape, and wrapping the light fixtures like vines, they made it possible to freely change their location and height. The arches create a sense of the ceiling floating upward and the feeling that the entire salon is underneath the roof of vines. The clients' seats are spaced far apart and each one is separated by a book shelf which blocks the view between them.

SIDES CORE hope that many people will visit this salon, that each one of them will enjoy their time there, and that they will all make connections.