Poczekalnia Prison Restaurant
Tuesday 07 Jan 2014


Poczekalnia is the eleventh project of the collection XII, designed entirely by Karina Wiciak. Poczekalnia, which in Polish means Waiting Room, is a restaurant inspired by the interiors of a prison. Not only the interior but also the name of the restaurant itself is a metaphor, because prison itself can be euphemistically described as a kind of waiting room.

The entire interior was created using white and black pop-art colours, with the addition of orange fabric as a characteristic element of clothing of convicts in prison. Prison bars, and even the cells in which paradoxically the VIP rooms are located, are the main element of the design. The bar is also behind the prison bars and the toilets are designed in the form of iron cages, enclosed with orange curtains and a glass wall outside. Other prison motifs include hanging lamps in the shape of handcuffs and a chandelier in the form of a key chain. These are complemented by tables and chairs with motifs of bars and a large key lock.

The collection XII will consist of twelve thematic interior designs, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part will be interconnected, not only in terms of style but also by name. Each subsequent design will be created within one month and the entire collection will take one year to create. Wiciak wants to create non-standard places, full of symbols and metaphors, at the borderline between architecture and scenography.

Due to their nature, these are mostly commercial interiors intended for use and reception by a larger group of people. Most importantly they are not simply a gallery of art, but individual spaces which can be put into use and do virtually everything depending on the purpose and function of the premises.

Karina Wiciak