Map marketing offices
Thursday 12 Dec 2013


Map marketing offices

From Christopher Koehn and Jose Martín González of Goko MX comes the new Map Marketing Offices, located in South Mexico City. Collaborating with Isaac Guzmán, the design works around the concept of "Agile Working" and "The Luxury of Freedom".

With modern technology enabling employees to work from anywhere in the world at any time, performance is no longer determined by time spent in the office but by results. Individual cubicles are less commonplace, and increasingly companies are encouraging open-plan office spaces that allow greater interaction and creativity.

The goal, therefore, of the designers was to create a working environment which enhanced workers' productivity and promoted a better quality of life in the workplace. It was intended to become a space in which work and pleasure could co-exist. Informal working areas were included on each level; a cafeteria in which to interact and open bars where employees could work with each other or with customers. The space was designed to encourage staff to work whilst doing something enjoyable such as having a coffee, listening to music during meetings or playing ping-ping during brainstorming sessions.

Four floors of an office building are connected with a main internal staircase. Inside, a central vertical volume was created as the core: a connection between all levels, spaces and areas. 

Access was centralised, creating interaction between employees and encouraging exercise to generate endorphins which aid mood and performance.

Polished concrete floors, white walls, clear glasses and the apparent slab on a light grey tone resulted in the space feeling much larger. A series of pendant lights feature as the only element of indirect illumination, creating ideal work light quality.

With a special paint, perimeter walls are used as a canvas for drawing, writing and translating ideas. The divisions between the few office cubicles were made with two clear crystals and a white inner film in order to draw and write on both sides, which helps visualise an idea and facilitate its realisation.

Vegetation was considered an indispensable element in the offices. As the only element of colour, small potted plants were customised, assigning each member of the company with its own plant; individuals are responsible for watering their plant, creating an action of responsibility and consciousness.

Photo. Aki Itami.