Malamén Restaurant
Thursday 07 Nov 2013


Malamén Restaurant is located in the Polanco Neighborhood, opposite Lincoln Park. It is a collaboration between Industrial and Interior Designer Ricardo Casas, Graphic Designer and Illustratior Marco Colín and Decorator Andrés Ocejo.

Malamén is a Fantasy Character inspired by an antique cookbook found in an old basement. With this discovery, the design team developed different kinds of stories trying to find Malamén background and history, kitchen skills, recipes and places where she lived in the world. These histories gave the Designers the inspiration to develop the interior, furniture and decoration in the space.

The first block is composed of two mirrored seating booths, the right wall exhibiting all the objects found in flea markets and supposedly belonging to Malamén, with pictures, paintings and memories hanging off the wall.

The left wall is made of antique white painted frames, some with mirrors to give more depth to the composition of the wall in front, and the ceiling displays a radial composition of 28 plaster ceiling rosettes in different scales and designs, with incandescent bulbs. This space recreates the French style house Malamén supposedly lived in during the Mexican Revolution in "La Colonia Roma" (A French style Neighborhood in Mexico City).

The next block has the stairs and a composition of 96 Drawings made by Colín, framed and hung in the double-height wall. Fort he bar the designer used a simple Carrara Marble Counter and the back wall has 9 Bronze wall lamps made from a tray designed by Panoramica.

Upstairs in the back of the seating booth, Colín made a large-scale handmade drawing which narrates the story of Malamén using all the elements applied in the decoration.


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