Summerhill House 01
Thursday 01 Aug 2013


This charming conversion of a one hundred and sixty square foot (15 sq m) attic space into a viable master suite is the studio’s smallest, yet one of its most pleasantly challenging, puzzles.

The ensuite bathroom occupies a three foot strip of floor space under the sloping ceiling, cut out and dropped one step down into the second floor bedroom below. Defined as separate shower and powder room by a marble pier, the two spaces found behind the frosted glass headboard are linked by a continuous tile bench running the full length of the wall. Built-in cabinets on flanking walls of the bedroom provide clothing storage.

The bed houses pull-out laundry hampers, charging stations, book storage and over-head reading light controls. Partially supported by a glass balustrade, the make-up and jewellery table floats over the stair to the second floor. From the bed, with the bathroom tucked behind the glass headboard, the room is open to a shaded, south-facing terrace with key-hole views of downtown Toronto, Canada.  

Tim Wickens Architect