Edition Richmond Presentation Centre
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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Edition Richmond is a collection of twenty infill residences presently under construction in Downtown West, Toronto, Canada. Driven by a desire to accommodate families in the city centre, Edition Richmond comprises three, spacious unit types, assembled together in a compact, modern building form. The project’s 256 sq m presentation centre was designed to showcase both the limited-edition luxury of Edition Richmond’s homes and the urban lifestyle of the Trinity-Bellwoods district.


The showroom was housed within the former auto repair shop of the defunct “Toronto Transmission & Gear Company.” The unassuming former garage on-site furnished a serendipitous opportunity to showcase the upcoming, contemporary residences in synergy with the past and present identities of the property and neighbourhood. The garage-turned-gallery was maintained in its original, raw state though repaired and whitewashed. White floors, walls, doors, ceilings and recycled found-objects lent an ethereal quality to the transformed space, marking a transition from the mundane to the extraordinary


The presentation gallery re-imagined its automotive legacy as art, linking the twenty townhomes to Queen West, Toronto’s leading arts corridor nearby. On exhibit were assorted white-painted car parts, hand-picked from within the garage immediately prior to its conversation, and a whitewashed Austin America, an installation doubling as storage for Edition Richmond’s marketing collateral. The project’s graphical-projection scale model, executed by the interior designers and displayed under Plexiglas, was akin to a modern-day lithograph. The black-line floor plans for the community’s “limited edition” homes, printed on canvas and stretched on 4’-0” x 8’-0” frames, were presented as exclusive artworks in a series. Oversized, black-and-white photographs, printed on canvas and stretched on 4’-0” x 8’-0” frames, counterbalanced the gallery’s all-white interior while highlighting the vitality of the surrounding neighbourhood.


The showroom for Edition Richmond became a much sought-after event space for area residents and the broader creative community in Toronto, generating indirect promotion for the project and signaling a growing appreciation for progressive design in Canada.

Cecconi Simone


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