Moscow Flat
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The apartment is in the centre of Moscow.

Design solution lies in finding the means of expression, coupled finishing materials and new lighting technologies. Furniture designed as a compositional element walls, functional and decorative.

These ideas are in connection with the tastes of the customer who prefers simple shapes, discreet colours, variety of textures of materials.

The interior offers a suite of glowing stained-glass windows of onyx, marble floor underlined line.

This visual axis formed by a single space of the living room, kitchen and dining room. In the centre is a kitchen, separated from the marble bar, which grows out of the floor line, and form a single volume with the floor.

The walls of this sculpture form the built-in furniture and panels of leather.

Bathroom destroys the image of restrained interior, this surge of emotion. The walls are made of onyx with lighting make the massive forms of marble - weightless.

Subject minimalism, espresso restrained forms, combination of natural materials - is an interior design solution.



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