Montreux Jazz café
Friday 14 Jun 2013


Award banner

Project/Design Brief: To create a new premium flagship store experience for the Montreux Jazz Café located with Harrod's London, which will represent the next generation of MJCs. The concept needs to transmit the whole energy, passion of the festival & festival enthusiasts within a physical space and across multiple customer touch points.

It is important to make the brand emotionally accessible to people and to communicate the key brand attributes - passion and energy of the festival as well as the high standards and quality of the music that it is famous for. It is also important to reflect the personality of the festival's founder - Claude Nobs - who was famed for his warm hospitality and his ‘joie de vivre'

The design palette combines contemporary and traditional/natural materials, with found objects and bursts of colour set against more neutral tones to resonate the more ‘extravagantly eclectic ambience' of Claude Nobs' chalet. The palette combinations are selected to project a high level of technical proficiency (to reflect the Montreux Jazz Festival brand's belief in audio visual perfection) together with a warm human spirit (as per Claude Nobs' hospitable and generous nature). Pink - a core colour of the brand palette- is used as a signature ‘highlight' colour throughout each space.

The tone of voice and brand communication reflect the passion and energy of the festival as well as the high standards and quality of the music that it is famous for as well as the hospitality and ‘joie de vivre' attitude of its founder - Claude Nobs.

The 2500 sq ft space is divided into three areas. The main room of the Café, a restaurant with an open kitchen and a 70-seat capacity, welcomes the diners. Details make all the difference, so guests choose their meal from menus shaped like vinyl records.

In the merchandising area, the Montreux Jazz Shop offers all the Festival classics, and ‘Claude's Collection' will make available an exclusive line of official Montreux Jazz Festival products. There is a Funky Claude's Lounge for those looking for relaxation.

Multiple viewing screens throughout the café broadcast the best moments from the Festival. The themes and colours have been harmonised with and evolved from the existing Montreux Jazz Café locations. Officially launched 27th September 2012.

Portland Design