Show Villa
Friday 14 Jun 2013


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Mr and Mrs. Brown with their 2 kids and Mr. Brown’s parents (the lived-in feel of the apartment was given keeping in mind the family that was envisaged to be living there)

Mr. Brown is 40 years old and has his own gems and jewellery business that has been handed down from his father. Over the past decade he has expanded the business both nationally as well as internationally. Mr. Brown sometimes spends his weekend mornings on the golf course with his friends.

Mrs. Brown  is a 38 year old mother of 2, having  son who is 15 years old and a daughter who is 7. She’s a full-time mother and is an active member of the ladies club and highly involved with socially conscious activities. She has excellent taste when it comes to style & clothing and her house reflects the same.

David the 15 year old son goes to Dhirubai Ambani American School. He is an enthusiastic and curious boy with aspirations of being his father. Joy, the 7 year old daughter is in school and is a budding musician. She is learning the piano and spends time practicing on the grand piano.

Mom and Dad who are in their 60’s are the life of the house, who love their retired life and engaging in their own activities. 


Opulent, eclectic, elegant, innovative with advanced technology and materials sourced all over the world, the creation of the apartment beyond par with the best hotels in the world, with a “lived- in” feel for anyone who walked into the apartment. To create a new benchmark of Ultra Luxurious Sky Villa living in Bombay, an apartment that brings back old world charm, where the study would inspire “Shakespeare” the living room fit for “King Henry iV” and the ensuite bedroom “The Queen”.

Evolution of the brief gave the designers “Wilsons Associates”, New York, Mr. Dan Kwan an insight into the passion to create the show villa to exceed the expectations of “ AHUJA TOWERS “

Mr. Dan Kwan proposed the spring season 2013 of fabrics and design palate from Miami, Florida Fashion  stage, with a fusion of classical design elements and the old world charm of the cite housing this ultra-premium luxury project.

A theme was created based on the brief for each zone and articulated to establish a “lived-in” feel for the apartment. Timeless Design, Classic Elegance, International Lifestyle set the design stage by national standards. With work progressing aggressively for eight months, the show villa saw the light of day on 24th October 2012.

Ahuja Constructions