Hotel Indigo, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Friday 14 Jun 2013


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Located along Queen’s Road East in Wanchai, Hong Kong, Hotel Indigo is set in the charming neighbourhood, directly across from the old colonial post office, which is the oldest surviving post office building in Hong Kong. The deep history and heritage of Wanchai has served as a fascinating inspiration in the hotel’s design. 

Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted by a naturally lit two-storey atrium that opens and floating staircase that leads to other hotel facilities on the second floor. The front desk is set again a back-lit onyx wall with a fireplace feature, a design request from IHG. A feature mosaic wall runs the height of the double-storey atrium and is a custom feature designed by Aedas Interiors.

The concept was to treat the building in three parts, the podium floors (ground and second floor) acting as the ‘old zone’, reminiscent of Wanchai’s past; the guestrooms reflect the district’s current character and artistic influence and the rooftop and pool shines as the ‘future’. The cantilevered rooftop pool is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

Café Post derives its name from the old post office, as it overlooks the post office. The idea is to create a family kitchen within this space where guests can mingle and connect with one another. The mosaic tiling on the walls and the restaurant’s colour motif are drawn from the neighbouring areas and is intentionally tiled in an unfinished, layered style, exposing the back wall. Colourful glass lighting fixtures in various shapes hang over the tables, creating a contemporary yet welcoming environment.  

Adjacent is the Library; this space acts an auxiliary seating lounge for guests, business centre and also additional venue where food and drinks are serviced by Café Post. With a floating fireplace that is intentionally set in the middle of the room and acts as both a design feature and a division wall separating up the room into small intimate seating areas.

The unique design and layouts of the 138-guestrooms include an open bathroom design that has no door or partition, the bed and desk are attached and specifically placed as a central island, allowing for functional and free circulation around the 30 sqm space. Custom-commissioned mosaic artwork covers the feature wall and showcases the local artistry and crafts of Hong Kong.  

Ultimately a sense of place is a key significant element as the IHG’s Hotel Indigo brand elements requires that the décor takes on the local culture and captures the neighbourhood’s character. The Hotel Indigo Wanchai falls nothing short of this design brief. 

Aedas Interiors Ltd