Thursday 13 Jun 2013


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With a large glass and steel frontage, Waterside was built as a restaurant and two small retail units on reclaimed land in a conservation area. Constructed to shell scheme only, the property remained vacant for five years before Postcode Anywhere, an award winning software company, commissioned Squaredot to undertake the internal planning feasibility study, which culminated in the decision to purchase and change the design of the space to accommodate Postcode Anywhere's new Head Office.

The design brief called for a high quality fit out, to attract and retain high calibre employees, to provide a workplace which encourages greater collaboration and to impart the company's success to customers and visitors.  

Squaredot's open plan design encourages interaction. The first floor is best suited to accommodating most of the desks, with meeting rooms, toilets, shower facilities located on the ground floor. Upstairs the space underwent structural changes: one staircase was moved and another removed, to provide seating for over 50 employees. A mezzanine balcony provides a perfect bridge between the production team on the ground floor and the operational teams working upstairs. Design elements that have helped to bring people together include the well positioned, centrally located large kitchen and refectory area used for team lunches and informal staff relaxation. Collaborative tools such as whiteboards and breakout areas are now used extensively by the client.

Exposure of the main services gives the building a raw industrial feel, which sits well with the high technology services that the client offers. In contrast, there are leading edge fittings such as the helicopter lights in the front of the building, energy saving corkscrew lights in work areas, a bespoke trophy cabinet and cork flooring in the refectory area.

The interior has enhanced the character of the building and is exceeding its desired objectives.

"There's no doubt that the time and money spent has been more than worthwhile" said MD Guy Mucklow "The interior is absolutely fabulous: minimalist, stylish, colourful and ergonomically designed to be functional, practical and comfortable and the new design tools are stimulating greater innovation and co-operation. The impact on anyone who sets foot in the building is instantaneous. Their jaws drop and they're almost certainly thinking that this business must be going places!"