Kelly Scott Madison
Wednesday 12 Jun 2013


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“All the World’s a Stage…” A theme the CEO of this media management agency, described when the expansion of her workforce presented an opportunity for the agency to update its outdated workplace and re-locate. One of our client’s goals was to “set” the perfect stage when entertaining their clients. What was once a private office workplace is now an open office that effectively communicates the energy and creativity of the firm’s advertising business. Informal spaces with lounge chairs and cafes with bar stools allow employees to work where they are the most comfortable. To increase the feeling of openness, stimulate creativity and generate energy among the staff, flexible meeting spaces are also placed throughout the 29,500 sq ft office. Bold graphics and murals are also featured throughout the space. To complement the firm’s culture of innovation and ideation, glass windows and diaphanous finishes accent the physical elements in the space. LEED features include recycled materials in the carpet and energy efficient lighting throughout.

Harley Ellis Devereaux

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