La Cave
Wednesday 12 Jun 2013


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Just before Christmas 2012, La Grande Epicerie de Paris opened its new Wine cellar "La Cave". The 550 sq m space in the basement of Le Bon Marché - Paris' most traditional and very first shopping centre - links 3000 carefully selected wines with a new restaurant and the new male fashion area "Balthazar".

The prestigious 200,000 bottle wine, spirit and champagne selection is presented in a subdued and warm atmosphere created mainly through furniture integrated, high colour rendering LED lighting, hence adding value to the presentation and preserving the sensitive and valuable goods. The bespoke manufactured shelving with integrated light was designed to illuminate every label of the bottles on display without disturbing glare for the customer.

Only a few downlights and in-ground uplights help emphasise and promote the elegant, distinguished look and feel for the high quality interior. Three zones of light were designed to offer a transition from a warm white cave space, over a neutral white circulation zone in the rotunda, to a cool white ambient feature light in the central atrium space. These cool colours will respond to the planned impressive glass dome-shaped skylight, which will span the centre core of the building next year.

Integrated lighting forms the foundation of the subtle approach to the design that puts each bottle into the limelight. Therefore bespoke shelving with LED integrated in each section to illuminate the bottles and especially the labels was developed. Decorative lighting was reduced to a minimum and spots were placed strategically to structure the room and give guidance to the customer.

The overall aim was to design a space that responds to and conveys the long tradition of Le Bon Marché while presenting the prestigious department store as a retailer ahead of its time. The built scheme shows a good balance of both, creating a vibrant and classy shopping environment.