Studio Octopi
Monday 10 Jun 2013


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18 Feet & Rising is one of London's fastest growing and most talked-about advertising agencies. The company moved to new, larger office premises in 2012 designed by Studio Octopi.

The brief was to make a striking and original, yet inexpensive solution, which reflected the work of the forward-thinking advertising agency. The office on Clipstone Street is remarkable because of its original simplicity. Under the guidance of four key words; emergence, vortex, action, and illusion, the architects worked with simple, straightforward materials and turned them into something new and site-specific.

Studio Octopi subdivided the agency using black stained spruce plywood and flooring from Bolon. A bespoke tile configuration from the collection Artisan highlights various areas in the agency and the collection Limited is used in a special built tunnel and in the meeting room. Chris Romer-Lee explains "When the light fell on the tiles, the effect was far more dramatic and vibrant than we could have hoped. We wanted to create a more direct response in the tunnel and meeting room and the elegant dark-brown Bolon harmonised fantastically with the stained plywood”.

The interior sets a creative and honest backdrop for the office of 18 Feet & Rising, an office that is planned to be outgrown in a few years.