Mango Tree II
Monday 10 Jun 2013


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Located at the new luxurious hotspot - Elements in West Kowloon, Mango Tree II is the first flagship store of the world-renowned Thai restaurant Mango Tree in Hong Kong. Celebrated for its traditional Thai zest, the restaurant pays homage to mango tree groves, with a pure contemporary reinterpretation of structure, finish and texture. Designed in natural earthy hues, the modern contemporary décor adorned with raw timber materials and traditional Thai elements offers Mango Tree a dramatic ambiance with a style of uniqueness.

The size of this project is very large and with excessive natural lighting, which cause difficulties in spatial planning. However, this project had to be finished within 3 months, from concept development, working drawings to on-site presence, the harsh timeline posts an unusual challenge for the designer.

At the entrance, multiple large wooden stripes in light colour scheme are disguised as the mango trees, yet with an artistic touch. This bold and eye-catching design creates a welcoming atmosphere while marking the beginning of a journey towards a mango grove.

Traversing the hallway, guests are greeted by a huge wall image with a blend of Thai element and artistic flair. The teak wood flooring, coupled with the suspended wooden feature lighting and textured woven feature wall in the bar lounge area highlights the traditional Thai architectural elements and intricate craftsmanship. The pottery and candles on the wooden pendant subtly exude Southeast Asian aroma, while the innovative material and unusual scale of the woven mat accentuate modernity. An stylish L-shaped marble bar table is set in the centre of the main dining area, while the wine rack behind displaying hundreds of excellent wine collection becomes an unique backdrop, altogether offering guests a relaxing place to enjoy a drink before and after their meals.

Echoing with the overall theme and the abstract mango tree grove entrance, a gigantic wooden installation with hanging bulbs mimicking a mango tree stands still in the sea view dining area and becomes the focal point. The wooden branches extend throughout the ceiling and create a sense of a nature within the cityscape. Sliding doors and movable screens are employed to increase spatial flexibility and to identify semi-open area and VIP room. Diners can enjoy the intoxicating views while having an authentic Thai dining experience.


Steve Leung Designers Ltd.

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