Monday 10 Jun 2013


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CENTRAL/CENTRAL is a multi-brand retail store opened in the heart of Central, Hong Kong's financial and commercial district. It encapsulates the spirit of Central's retail experience.

Commissioned with a contemporary and stylish approach, the designer shows how a premium shopping mall could be designed with pure white colour and a touch of artistic elements. As there are different shops in the mall, the designer tactfully adopts white to be the accent colour and makes the transition areas more natural and smooth, while a white canvas is also perfect for offsetting any display products.

A shopping mall is no longer serves as a shopping space only, but also a recreational space, it's all about a total experience. In CENTRAL/CENTRAL, a multifunctional café lounge with sitting area, internet access and a pantry is designed for shoppers' relaxation.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed to a double volume atrium with white marble flooring and fins along the walls - all in pure white. A delicate organic mobile sculpture designed by renowned Japanese artist Hirotoshi Sawada floats above the atrium to give the space a sense of fluid motion.

Beyond the atrium, two visual merchandising areas are bounded by feature walls in pure white that act as a neutral backdrop for advertisement. The designer creates a flowing space that accommodated each brand's outlet in CENTRAL/CENTRAL with fluidity, but also allowing for individual expression.

A flexible café lounge designed to reinvigorate weary shoppers includes seating, internet stations and pantry. Curving white walls and a curvilinear fabric sofa allude to a dynamic impression of movement, while loose furnishings allow the space to be transformed into a gallery or exhibition space for art events. As in the rest of CENTRAL/CENTRAL, the lounge is a white canvas for the imagination to run wild.

Steve Leung Designers Ltd.


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