Porto’s Coliseu
Tuesday 28 May 2013


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The exterior atrium of Porto’s Coliseu, Porto's celebrated Concert Hall of 1941, was refurbished in order to free its space from the volume of the ticket office. The office had been placed at the centre of the space, interfering with the atrium free flow, and so the brief was to restructure the communication with the passer-by.

It was infra-structured with network cabling, allowing varied uses in addition to the ticket office and public reception – for receptions, fairs, sales, concerts, parties -; new audio-visual equipment allow a renewed communication with the street and the public more effectively, while at the level of content, it enables a close continuity between physical space and the new digital platforms and social networks. Finally, a new metal frame solution with a contemporary interpretation of the art deco motives of the building author, architect Cassiano Branco, allows a flexible closure according to the different programs served by the lobby.

The intervention places a strong emphasis on continuity with the spatial and formal qualities of the original design, making use of the existing language and elements to introduce a new spatial and functional arrangement, which at times go almost unnoticed, such as the new curved cladding of the circular pillars in black stone replacing the former bevelled cladding.

The new yellow colour of walls ceiling and floor, is intended to add luminosity and direct attention inwards.