Boston Consulting Group Perth Office
Friday 24 May 2013


Recently completed by Carr Design Group, The Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Perth office reveals an impressive understanding of the contribution of workplace design to business success. With an intrinsic connection to the landscape, the new design serves as a commercial device which has the potential to contribute to employee satisfaction, the company’s recruitment success, and general workplace productivity.

Over the past two years, BCG has experienced a strong and steady growth in Perth - the centre for the natural resource-based industry. With a rapidly expanding team, a larger office was required to meet the staff’s collaborative working methods, but also appeal to the fly-in team members and potential clients.

Positioned in the iconic 108 St Georges Terrace (Alan Bond’s former Bankwest Tower), a building known for its radical philosophy of maximising corner offices, the new design is a reflection of contemporary mobile and activity based working methods. With the mobile nature of BCG employees, the office has the ability to adjust to fluctuating teams. By implementing flexible work desks and pushing all the open work settings to wrap the buildings perimeter, the office can rapidly reduce its footprint.

Upon entry, visitors are greeted with a customised wall that cleverly disguises the meeting rooms. Creating a staggered effect, which sweeps in three dimensions, one side of the wall is crafted from anodised aluminium, while the other side is tinted glass. This references the building’s iconic stepped facade in both an aesthetic and a formal sense. The effect is dramatic and intriguing, creating a distinctive visual identity for BCG Perth.

Other key features of the new BCG fit out include the integration of innovative technology. Implementing BCG Australia’s first I-Room, the new office embraces the latest VC technology to provide collaborative interaction spaces on a global level.

Highly-developed and polished, the new BCG fit out sets a precedent in 21st century design for Perth’s corporate landscape. It is a sustainable solution that explores architectural form-making, materiality, and site within a prosperous, undulating landscape.

Photographer: Ian ten Seldam


Carr Design Group